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Are you holding your customers accountable?

by Curtis M. Pearsall, CPCU, AIAF, CPIA
President – Pearsall Associates, Inc.


Becoming more sales driven

One of the most important things agency owners can do to grow their agencies and increase shareholder value is to take actions that will make their agencies more sales driven. When done correctly, this can be accomplished with no unfavorable impact on service.

Managing a Prospect Pipeline

What is a Prospect Pipeline

Attributes of a High Performance Agency


Some independent agencies seem to consistently generate strong profits, growth in revenue, and growth in shareholder value regardless of the economy and market conditions. The following are the attributes of such high performance agencies.

Plan Driven

Independent insurance agencies

The Importance of Profit Sharing or Supplemental Compensation

In our more than thirty years of experience with small and mid-sized agencies, we have seen the critical importance to agencies of profit sharing or supplemental compensation. Whether called profit sharing, contingency income, bonus or supplemental compensation – this additional compensation is for many agencies the Principal’s take home pay at year end. And, in this ongoing soft market when revenues are down for many agencies, supplemental compensation becomes even more vital.

Iroquois 201

(2:27) - This video will give you more details about the Iroquois Group. It will also explain how an independent insurance agent can grow due to our marketing expertise and profit sharing.